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Hardwood Flooring Removal and Installation in Ancaster, ON

Location: Ancaster, ON | Project Duration: 2 weeks

About The Project

See how Ferreira Flooring installed brand new, durable engineered hardwood and baseboards in just two weeks for a client in Ancaster, Ontario.

The Objective

Our client needed to replace their old, damaged hardwood with something more durable that wouldn’t get scratched up by their cats and dogs. They wanted the new hardwood flooring installation throughout the main floor and top floor of their home. 

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A kitchen with white cabinetry where new hard wood flooring has just been laid.
A kitchen with white cabinets with the floor partially torn up and new pieces of wood flooring are being laid. There is glue on the floor where the new wood is about to be placed.


Working Around Multiple Rooms and Achieving Straight Lines

We had to work around multiple rooms during this project, ensuring that the hardwood installation was straight and in line. This required careful planning and precise execution, as even small mistakes could throw the installation off-kilter.

Creating a Flush Finish for the Box Step

One of the biggest challenges for this project was creating a flush finish where the box step was installed. The family room level was lower than the kitchen and the flooring material used was 7” wide while the step was 8” high. A box step is a type of raised flooring platform that can be used to create a focal point in a room or to elevate an area for functional or aesthetic purposes.

Achieving a flush finish where the box step was installed was important for the overall aesthetic and safety of the flooring. The height difference between the family room level and the kitchen could have created a tripping hazard and not having a flush finish could have made the flooring look uneven and unprofessional.

The Solution

Preparation and Demolition

We began by masking off the kitchen to prevent any dust from spreading onto the countertops and cabinets. Once the area was prepped, the team began removing the old hardwood floors. They reinforced the subfloor to ensure that it was ready for the installation of the new flooring.


After the subfloor was reinforced, the team installed brand new engineered hardwood on the main floor and the top floor. The team chalked lines to make sure everything was straight and began the installation. The hardwood was installed with precision and accuracy to ensure that everything was in line.

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Baseboard Installation

To finish the project, our hardwood floor installers fitted brand new baseboards throughout the main and top floors. This not only enhanced the overall look of the flooring but also provided additional protection for the walls.

Box Step Installation

As the family room level was lower than the kitchen, we installed ¼” plywood on the lower level to achieve a flush finish where the box step was installed. We used the same flooring material on the face of the step, and the hardwood fit perfectly under the face to achieve a seamless finish. The new subfloor also provided added security to the flooring.

A carpenter arriving on site in a black Ford F-150 pickup truck with the Ferreira Flooring logo on the side.

Final Thoughts

We are pleased to have completed the project to the client’s satisfaction. Our team put in a lot of effort to ensure that the new hardwood was not only visually appealing, but also durable enough to withstand the wear and tear from pets. The client is happy with the finished product, and we are proud to have delivered what they requested. The project was finished on time and we are confident that the new engineered hardwood and baseboards will provide a long-lasting flooring solution.

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