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Top Floor Hardwood Flooring Installation In Ancaster, ON

Location: Ancaster, ON | Project Duration: 1 Week

The Project

The clients, Jamil and Diana, were looking for a solution to fix the noisy and gapping hardwood of their home, which was failing due to poor installation and subfloor preparation. Our solution involved the installation of new engineered hardwood on the top floor of their residential property in Ancaster, ON. 

The Objective

The clients were looking for a long-lasting, durable solution that would address the poor quality of their original hardwood. They wanted to ensure that their new hardwood flooring would be installed correctly and would not have the same issues as their previous flooring, so they decided to seek out our company, which specializes in hardwood flooring installation. 

A long hall with tan walls and white moulding where new hardwood flooring has been laid.
A black stairwell with red carpet surrounded by beige walls where hardwood flooring panels have been laid.

Our Approach

We approached this project with focus on quality craftsmanship (our standard practice).

Our process to install the hardwood flooring on the top floor involved:

1. Complete Removal of the Existing Hardwood

We completely removed the existing hardwood to ensure that the new flooring would be installed on a properly prepared subfloor. 

2. Reinforcement of the Entire Subfloor
We then reinforced the entire subfloor with 3” screws to ensure that it was properly supported and levelled.
3. Installation of New Engineered Hardwood

After that we installed new engineered hardwood using glue and nails, ensuring a secure and long-lasting installation. 

4. Attention to Detail

We paid close attention to detail to ensure that the layout was properly aligned and that the installation was consistent throughout. 

A long hall with beige walls where the flooring has been torn up, leaving raw plywood exposed. A carpenter has just started installing new hardwoord flooring down the middle.

The Challenges

One of the main challenges we faced was dealing with minor squeaks in some areas of the subfloor, even after reinforcement. We were able to address the root of the problem by opening up a few spots in the subfloor and resolving the issue to create a completely squeak-free subfloor. 

The Solution

Our solution involved a comprehensive approach that addressed the root causes of the client’s flooring issues. By reinforcing the subfloor and installing new engineered hardwood, we removed any underlying issues that could have been caused by the original, poor quality flooring. 

By taking a thorough approach to the project and using high-quality materials and techniques, we were able to provide a long-lasting solution that the clients were extremely happy with.

A doorway with white moulding where a hardwood floor meets the next room's tile floor and has been joined seamlessly.

Final Thoughts/Results

Our approach to this project focused on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We were able to provide a durable and speedy fix that addressed the client’s problems and provided them with a beautiful new hardwood floor. 

The end result had our clients speechless, and we are proud of the work we did to provide them with a hardwood flooring solution that exceeded their expectations.


Exceptional Hardwood Contractor

“You need not look any further for a skilled and professional hardwood contractor. Alex was an absolute pleasure to work with, and his attention to detail is unmatched. He flawlessly installed 1200 sq ft of hardwood, taking extra care to ensure that the transitions between hardwood and tile we executed perfectly. Alex is a great communicator and has a deep passion for his craft. Despite my frequent interruptions, he graciously stopped every time to provide thoughtful answers, spending the necessary time to ensure that I fully understood his work and methodology. It is rare to find contractors who pride themselves on delivering quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. You can rest assured that Alex won’t stop until you are a fully satisfied customer. We have already recommended him to our family and friends and will be reaching out to him again for our basement renovation. Thank you for everything, Alex. We look forward to witnessing your business grow even further.”
- Jamil and Diana Khouri
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