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Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation In A New Home

Location: Grimsby, Ontario

A carpenter cutting a piece of hardwood flooring with a DeWalt saw in Grimsby, Ontario.
A carpenter kneeling down in knee pads using his hammer to place hardwood flooring into the bright white room.
A carpenter squatting down and plugging a tool's electrical cord into a power strip that is on top of a plywood floor.

About The Project

We were contacted by a local builder to install the flooring for a brand new home build in Grimsby, Ontario. The homeowner was looking for a durable and high-quality flooring option to complement the modern design of the home, which featured several fireplaces over its 2-storey design. They chose us to carry out the works due to our expertise in installing hardwood flooring and our attention to detail. 

Our Approach

Working on a new home build requires careful planning and time management. We had 1.5 weeks to complete our hardwood flooring installation before other trades were due to come in, so as soon as we were able to access the property, we came in to make plans. 

The first step in our process involves planning our layout and the order in which we will complete the flooring installation, also known as planning “the first row”. When installing flooring, starting on the first row refers to laying the first planks, and sets the foundation for the rest of the installation processes. It usually starts at the focal point of where your eyes are naturally drawn to.

There were actually to be many focal points throughout the home, so we worked through our plan to complete the 2800 square feet of hardwood flooring installation.

Downstairs was where the majority of work would take place. We had to complete the larger areas first, to make sure there would be no delay in the kitchen cabinets being installed. From there we moved on to another room where the fireplace was the focal point, and worked off that.

For the top floor, we decided to start at the stair nosing. This is the piece of the stair that is installed along the front edge with a slight overhang, and provides a finished look (as well as safety).

The technique we chose to use for this engineered hardwood flooring installation was glue and nail assist. This fast and efficient method provides a strong bond between the subfloor and the planks, and can help reduce the amount of expansion and contraction that the flooring may experience due to the fluctuations in humidity that Grimsby experiences.

Careful planning paid off, and we completed the floor within the discussed timeframe and produced a beautiful result.

A large room with sliding glass door entry and windowed wall and brand new hardwood flooring.
A large white room with french doors, where the old flooring has been torn up showing exposed plywood. There is new hardwood flooring stacked in the room.
A large living room with a wall of windows and a fireplace that has white walls and newly laid hardwood floors.

The Obstacles We Overcame

Minus the fact that we had to work on a strict schedule to align with other trades, we had many focal points that required precise cuts. 

To achieve the best results with engineered hardwood installation, care must be taken in the final stages to create a seamless finish. Giving extra attention to small details such as flush mount vents and fireplace finishes is paramount. While they are seemingly minor details, they can be very noticeable if not completed with care.

The Result

As you can see from the video, the overall look and result of the hardwood flooring installation is just gorgeous. The cuts around the fireplace and the flush mount vents were handled with care, adding to the luxurious feel of the home – we really take pride in our work, and it shows in these small details.

As a team, we are pleased with the fact that everything went to plan, and we were able to hand over to the other trades on the agreed date and with no interruptions. 

We are grateful to have been given this opportunity to work on this new home build in Grimsby, and look forward to our next job in that area!

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