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Hardwood Flooring in Ancaster

Location: Ancaster, Ontario | Project Duration: Under 2 Weeks

Elevating a New Home Build with the Timeless Appeal of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is becoming a popular choice for builders and homeowners in Ontario who want to add warmth and natural texture to their homes. With a thin layer of real hardwood on top of multiple layers of high-quality plywood or fiberboard, engineered hardwood provides the same natural beauty, durability, and versatility as traditional hardwood flooring at a more affordable price. It can be designed to resemble a wide range of wood types and can come in various colours and finishes to suit any design style, from traditional to modern. 

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, engineered hardwood flooring is also an investment in the longevity of a home. As such, its layered construction makes it more resistant to moisture and temperature changes, making it a suitable choice for areas like kitchens, basements, and bathrooms.

Hardwood floors meeting tile flooring in a bathroom doorway and joining beautifully.
An upper-level hardwood flooring installation in Burlington, Ontario that is still unfinished with flooring tools still in place.
A hardwood flooring installation freshly finished in Burlington, Ontario in a room that has several glass windows and a red carpet for walking.

The Project

We were approached by a builder to install 3500 square feet of engineered hardwood flooring in a newly constructed home in Ancaster, Ontario. The project involved hardwood floor installation on the main and top floors of the house, presenting us with a unique set of challenges. Nonetheless, our team’s expertise and attention to detail ensured that the installation met the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. 

Our Approach

At Ferreira Flooring, we understand that proper preparation is the key to successful project execution. Since it was a new build, the subfloor was quite dirty due to other trades coming in and out. As such, we took time to prepare the surface for the installation by giving it a thorough vacuum. This ensured that the surface was clean and free of debris, creating a suitable foundation for the engineered hardwood flooring installation.

Once the subfloor was prepped, we began the installation process by carefully deciding on the layout and determining where we would start. As part of our standard approach, we always begin by installing the hardwood flooring at stair nosings, which is a critical area that requires a full piece to ensure a seamless and visually appealing finish. This is how we guarantee that the overall installation is successful and meets the high standards that we are known for.

Rising Above The Challenges To Deliver A Flawless Flooring Installation

While proper preparation is essential for any flooring installation project, we also understand that unexpected challenges can arise at any stage, requiring us to devise a suitable solution with our problem-solving skills. 

During this project, we encountered a unique challenge involving the transition between the hardwood and tile flooring in the washrooms on the upper floor. Most of the tile in these areas was actually higher than 3/4″ and was running parallel to the 9/16” thick hardwood floor that we were installing.

As always, we wanted to achieve a seamless and level transition between the two flooring types, without compromising on the quality and finish of the hardwood flooring. As such, to overcome this challenge, we came up with a solution that involved flipping a board at the tile transition point to meet the height of the tile and then connecting our hardwood planks perpendicular to the board against the tile. This allowed us to achieve a clean transition between the two surfaces, resulting in a cohesive and seamless finish that elevated the overall look of the space.

An upper-level hardwood flooring installation in Burlington, Ontario that is still unfinished with flooring tools still in place.

Reflections On A Job Well Done

The entire project turned out exceptionally well. We took great care in every step of the process, from preparing the subfloor to installing the hardwood flooring and addressing unexpected challenges that arose along the way. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality workmanship resulted in a beautiful and functional outcome that exceeded our client’s expectations. 

Looking back on the project, we don’t have any regrets or changes that we would make. We believe that we executed the project to the best of our ability and that the finished result is a testament to our expertise and experience in the flooring industry. We take great pride in our work, and seeing a project come together so seamlessly and successfully is incredibly rewarding for us. We hope that our client will enjoy their new hardwood flooring for years to come, knowing that it was installed with care and precision.

Our Top Three Accomplishments

At Ferreira Flooring, we take great pride in the work we do and always strive to exceed our client’s expectations. Here are a few of our achievements from this hardwood floor installation project in Ancaster that we are most proud of: 

Our ability to work efficiently and effectively, without sacrificing quality. On this particular project, we were able to complete our part of the installation ahead of schedule, which allowed other trades to come in and complete their work on time. This was important not only for the success of the project but also for the overall satisfaction of our clients.

The quality of our transitions between the hardwood and tile flooring. As flooring experts, we understand how important it is to ensure that these transitions are smooth, level, and visually appealing. In this project, we were able to achieve this by carefully measuring and cutting each piece, and ensuring that the height difference between the two flooring types was minimal. The result was a seamless and cohesive look that added to the overall aesthetic of the space.

Our innovative approach to the vent installation. Instead of using traditional vents, we installed 16 aria flush mount vents, which not only look great but also function better than traditional units. The flush mount design reduces tripping hazards, improves airflow, and creates a more streamlined look overall. Our clients loved them, and we're proud to have been able to provide them with a unique and functional feature in their new home.

As the premier hardwood flooring specialists in Ancaster, we know that our hard work and dedication to quality have resulted in a space that our clients can enjoy for years to come. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our skills and look forward to providing similar high-quality hardwood flooring installations for our clients in the future. 

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